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Published Authors

GWA has helped for than a dozen authors ideate, plan, write, and edit their books to become published authors.

A recent success story is of Mr. Neeraj Kapoor who is a coach and has been awarded as the biggest brand builder in India for helping companies and millionaire families grow their brands including Wadias, Firodias, and Dhoots. His portfolio includes over six billion-dollar brands and has invested in a number of unicorn start-ups. He runs a start-up coaching academy through which he has coached hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs. We published his first self-help book, “From Stuck-Up to Start-Up” which is a step-by-step guide for working professionals to becoming an entrepreneur without the risk of losing capital.

Soon To Be Published

GWA helps subject matter experts and aspiring authors come up with ideas for books and write them. The support is provided not just for writing but also editing, designing, publishing and marketing of books and authors.

Recently, we have a book from an Author from HR space who wanted to make a difference in the lives of teenagers who struggle in their schools to find success in academics. Hearing the stories of student suicides made her heart bleed and she began working on finding a way that can release stress in the lives of teenagers. Her soon-to-be-published book is a guide for both parents and students to turn teenagers into extraordinary persons who know how to discover their true journey and succeed in life. She is supported in the content by her husband who is a veteran in the HR field and is a Deputy President, HR of a company that is a big name in the engineering and construction space.

On The Journey

GWA helps subject matter experts turn their business experience and expertise into insights to create books. We help them come up with a book idea, concept, and an outline. Served authors are also provided dedicated writers who would help them create the book.

Our author has already created a book and is half-way through the journey to become an author with his first book dedicated to his profession. Being a master of lean, we helped him come up with ideas that could help him achieve his professional goal of becoming a subject matter expert. Together with GWA, the author came up with a lucrative book idea and an attractive title that is taking shape as we speak. For this book, we interviewed five C-Suite professionals from different industries to churn insights helpful to the target readers of the book. The book is a highly practical guide to understand lean and also provides examples, stories, and case studies to interest readers.

Started The Journey

Our ‘Branding with Books’ program has helped several authors identify their book idea for personal branding but now, we have taken a giant leap and converted it into a Book Writing Coaching system that will not just provide guidance and training but also assist in the development of the book at every stage.

Our author, who is a PhD and a leadership coach has just begun the journey with us. As she was very fond of the findings of her PhD for, she believed that could help organisations in the training space, she came to us to assist her in conversion. GWA team suggested the author to take her thesis as the base but also add insights based on personal experience to come up with a book. Since she has enrolled herself in our latest and upgraded program, she is currently going through series of discoveries and soon will begin creating her book with a help of a dedicated writer assigned by us.

In The Discovery

Some aspiring authors come to us with no idea and no plan for a book but they feel writing a book is an attractive endeavour that will provide them a pedestal to rise professionally. We help them understand if they have the potential to become authors and if they do, help them come up with a promising book idea that truly addresses reader needs as well as connects with the natural aura of the author.

Currently, GWA is working with 10 authors who are our test authors creating books with us. Our soon-to-be-launched Learning Management System (LMS) is based on a formula for successful book creation which they are exposed to. These authors are our lucky tens who are getting the first taste of the author success formula of GWA. These include a PhD and a profession from a reputed MBA college in Mumbai and a veteran business development professional with over 15 years of experience in IT solutions consulting.

Soon Starting The Journey

Some authors are experts of their arena but might not have time to write their own books. We help such authors generate ideas, draw outlines, and create books with the assistance of writers, editors, and designers supporting them. Other authors who are also passionate about writing are assisted in learning and provided guidance on writing books.

Currently, GWA is working with 5 authors who are also going to be a part of our soon-to-be-launched Learning Management System (LMS) and these authors are served in the entire journey as authors. Among these authors include a national trainer for mutual funds who delivers sessions in major BFSI organizations in India. Among our authors also include a school-principle turned coach from Mumbai who is passionate about writing as she has also been a professor for the language and thus, wants to write a book that would truly help readers. We have planned discovery sessions for these authors and they would soon dive into the GWA author development program to create new possibilities.

Supporting Authors

We do not just create new authors but also support the published authors through our reviews, book summaries, book columns, marketing content, and book reading sessions. These authors join us from across the globe to find our exclusive services that can give them an edge.

Our latest stories include a senior working professional author from India, a language professor & author from the UK, and a life coach & author from Netherlands. We provided these authors opportunities to join our expert sessions and training programs as experts and speakers to get connected with the readers of our Creators and Readers club.

Let Us Guide You

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