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A Design Agency With A Dedicated Creative Development Team, Was Looking For Ux Writers Who Understood Design, Strategy Business And Industry. Gwa Team Provided Assistance In Strategy, Creation, And Content Development.

Global Writers Academy is known for providing writers who are not just the experts of words but also the masters of business communication. All our writers are a minimum of MBA graduates with the technical backgrounds like Engineering and have been trained on strategy, writing, ideation, and content marketing by GWA.

Flying Elephant Designs, a Mumbai-based studio had a project that involved the development of 2 mobile applications and landing pages for each. What they needed was a team that understood design well and could not just write but also provides strategic insights to be a part of brainstorming sessions with the Start-Up team to produce content that fit well with the vision of the company and addressed all the questions of potential users. While using the strategy as the backbone, consistency in communication across multiple UX platforms was also needed.

“I got your number from Vikas and he said you guys are really good with creative content”, she said on the call. Vikas was the project manager of a client organization we had worked with earlier.

Within a few minutes, a meeting was decided and we caught up the next week. In the hour-long meeting, we had a detailed discussion in which we asked the client about project objectives, target audience, platforms, brand positioning, and required time commitment. GWA’s confident portfolio and strategic recommendations were shared with the client.

In the next few days, the project started.

A clean interface with content that simply blends into the design is what creates an appeal that cannot be resisted by your prospects, clients, or users. You can make your design and content simple, easy, and conversational that in no time, your users are aware of not just what your product or service is about but also what you stand for as a brand.

Branding is at the core of every service we offer and the content we created is the product of our intellect and love for creation.

Let’s Get To Know One Another…

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Our Team Provided Assistance In Strategy, Creation, And Content Development.

The Process We Followed Was Simple And Straightforward –

Brainstorming & Ideation: We had a discussion with the founder and technical teams of the client that concluded with a clear idea of the content to be developed.

Content Development: Based on the discussions and the documents shared, the content was developed first for the mobile app and then, for the landing page following by the content for the second application.

Design Considerations:cs. A marriage between the content and design is what was needed. And that is exactly what our content developers have the dexterity in.

“We Know How To Marry Content With A Perfect Design”

Editing & Completion:No first-time developments go without the rounds of iterations and multiple edits. After going through multiple levels of edits on each screen of the mobile apps and of the landing pages as per the modifications demanded by the client, the content for all 4 platforms was developed in 60 days.

Start-up Challenges & How We Addressed Them?

Where technology has to combine with business strategy, nothing is simple. A team consisting of technical, functional, creative, and management professionals when created has multiple views and perspectives that are difficult to satisfy with one strategy. However, unless every stakeholder is happy, the project cannot be rendered as completed.

So, to ensure that all stakeholder requirements were met well, GWA followed the SCRUM methodology with weekly sprints when we had discussions with the client on the tasks to be completed for the week and the changes needed to be made in the previous work. Every discussion that happened was recorded in the Minutes of the Meeting and updated in a shared space for collaboration so that clients could give the feedback as and when they needed and the updates could be made before the next sprint.

For Your Next Ux Project…

GWA Team can provide you end-to-end services including design guidelines, content strategy, application, and content development. Our carefully selected team of content creators and our exclusive technology partners like EnlitenIT can ensure that all your needs are met in the desired time for your project.

Gwa Gives You…

100% Original! 0% Errors!

High In Quality! Low In Reworks!

And the holistic understanding of Business, Management, Design, Storytelling, Branding, Content, and Psychology.And when this powerful combination is delivered to our clients, their projects are completed with best results and their brands start riding fast on the Brand Bandwagon

When Should We Work Together?

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    When you need to develop a new website and need quality content that follows your start-up vision

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    When you need to develop a mobile application and need not just technical but also creative services like designing and writing

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    When you want to create a special showcase or landing for your mobile application or any other digital product

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    When you need a team that knows no boundaries and can cater to every need you have, be it technology, design, marketing, stories, or creative writing

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    When you need content that is not just 100% original but is carefully crafted by a subject matter expert and is aligned with your business strategy

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    When you need content not just to attract visitors to your website but also to create a brand that is trusted

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    When your interest is more on getting the leads and conversions with your content than just getting the likes and traffic spikes

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    When you need a team that not just understands words but also your business, products, services, technology, processes, and your vision

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