Hello, I’m

Pooja Dubey
A Technical Writer, Book Writing Coach, B2B Content Strategist, Certified L&D Professional, & The Founder of GWA
Hello, I’m
Pooja Dubey

About Us

Global Writers Academy was developed with a vision to drive excellence in the arena of creative learning by providing learners a launchpad and employers a pool of resources.

Rendered with the belief that any creative individual can design one’s work-life with gaining practical and professional skills, GWA is helping aspiring writers, creators, & authors carve a path to success.

The academy aims to transform creative learning by providing highly customized, project-driven, tutor-guided, and practical learning programs.

This is also a place where B2B companies get to craft their brands in the digital space by employing the best creative minds including content writers, designers, developers, bloggers, scriptwriters, copywriters, and technical writers. Organizations who prefer to create structures in-house are assisted with setting up effective content creation.

GWA provides aspiring authors a learning platform which will soon be completely digitized to help create authors out of writers, working professionals, subject matter experts, trainers, and coaches.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create an academy that turns thriving learners into creators of excellence who are unique and can create and communicate stories to the world in novel and inspiring ways.

We are on a mission to prepare a million beautiful minds to serve the creative needs of the world through our learning and development programs. And we want to become the one-stop destination for all aspiring and established authors for their learning, development, and creation needs.

And This Is How We Do It

GWA’s flagship Book Writing Coaching Program is going next level as we have introduced a learning structure that never existed. And soon, our secret formula for author success will be available to many creative minds through a new platform that we are developing. A platform that will bring together all resources you will ever need to write a self-help book and will provide you both a structured curriculum and a guided editor for creation.

New and aspiring content creators get exclusive training to become creators to support authors and B2B organizations. As we believe that no standard curriculum can equally serve the needs of every learner, we design courses based on not just the needs of the market but also the needs of the learner.

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We are driven by passion for it, there is no true creation.

Our Book Writing Coaching System is designed to not just help you write books but provide you an opportunity for a holistic professional development so you can create a power aura that appeals your readers. Besides creative learning, the system has additional components to assist your development including self-discoveries, psychotherapy, and leadership coaching.

Our consulting services provide B2B deep insights to develop content strategies and develop content that creates conversations between brands and their customers for mutual growth.

Because there are no standard problems nor the standard solutions so every need, challenge, objective and dream have to be met in a unique way. We bring you experts, creators, and thinkers who can help you create solutions when they are not already there.

Just as water knows no boundaries can seamlessly fit itself into any shape, we use a fluid methodology to fit the needs of creators and companies.

Our coaching programs are created to follow the latest trends so we are never outdated.

Our consulting services provide you clarity not just on content but also for your business and brand.

Our branding services are delivered to you directly and through vendors who can serve all your custom needs.

We keep upgrading ourselves to always keep bringing you best. Our latest initiative is a Learning Management System that we are designing for new authors which is based on a formula for success created from 10 years of research on bestsellers and application of learning and development principles.

When we give, we give everything that is needed and leave no stone unturned because we believe in serving with our heart.

Our programs are not shaped to fit you into a curriculum but personalized based on your learning needs.

Our Book Writing Coaching system is updated and upgraded over and again based on the challenges of writers before giving you the final formula.

Our branding services are not bucketed but are customized to your needs of marketing and creation.

Our business services are not shaped to put you into the silos of creation but we carve them based on your objectives.

Because the objective is not to give you a program, product or service but it is to ensure that you create the possibilities you envisioned. We hold our heart and your hand till you reach where you want to reach.

We do not rely on just one mode of communication for training or delivery of services but we are an Omni-channel organization.

We provide you opportunities to learn through multiple channels and delivery modes so you can learn any way you want.

We deliver you services in the ways you are happy and comfortable even if it requires us to go out of our way.

We can be reached through multiple channels that you can use to connect with us for learning, earning or growing.

Because we understand that just as your business, dream or idea is unique, you are too. And when the world of technology provides you unlimited channels and avenues of service then why stick to old ways. When we create and innovate, we serve no boundaries.

Our Values

  • Passion

    We do less work with logic and more with the excitement to create content that connects with learners and readers.

  • Excellence

    We are committed to innovation and thus, keep experimenting with new ideas to bring you the best outcomes.

  • Decision

    We believe that dedication is the cornerstone of learning and thus, ensure that all our creators are dedicated to producing the best quality work.

  • Understanding

    We believe that humans perform at their best when they are happy so we keep our programs creative and involve our learners in activities that engage, inspire, and motivate.

Case Studies

Discover Business Strategy A thoughtful discovery process
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Discover Business Strategy A thoughtful discovery process
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Discover Business Strategy A thoughtful discovery process
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Discover Business Strategy A thoughtful discovery process
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Discover Business Strategy A thoughtful discovery process
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    Fluid Methodology

    An iterative improvement methodology that keeps upgrading itself.

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    Holistic Learning

    Our programs do not just train you for creation but also thinking, delivery, management, and business growth.

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    Personal Branding

    Every author is a brand and we help the aura of the author come out in novel ways to create success.

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    B2B on Top of Mind

    We specialize in B2B branding and serve companies with the objective to create a Top-of-Mind recall for their brand in the minds of consumers.

Let Us Guide You

Our job is to help you fulfil your dream whether it is becoming an author, a digital media influencer, a powerful content creator or an engaging B2B brand.
With our customized learning & development programs, personalized consulting sessions, tutor-guided learning pathways, corporate team learnings, and author support system, you can grow in the content space to reach where you want to go

To know how we can assist you, why not have a virtual coffee with us?

YouTube Marketing Partner; Video Editor, Social Media, Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Your book is like your baby. It has potential but it cannot speak for itself. You have to help the world understand its value by marketing it on popular platforms. As an author, YouTube can be your best friend as a marketer. You can create a brand for your book and for your personal image to grow to the next level.

Our Service: We offer video editing and digital marketing services on YouTube. We provide you with a dedicated expert to both create videos and manage your brand on your YouTube channel. High-quality videos will get you more subscribers and a dedicated professional marketer will ensure that you find targeted subscribers who can also be your potential readers or customers.

About the Partner: Belief Digital is a Web, Social & Digital Media agency offering bootstrapped Startups & Entrepreneurs, a 360-degree Online Reputation Management (ORM) Solution
It helps Startups grow by developing & managing their Websites, Apps, Social Media, Corporate Videos, Youtube channels, and Digital Marketing through Google/Meta/Linkedin Ads, Photoshoots & Public Relations.

Development Partner; IT consulting, designing, development, CRM solutions

If the reason why you are writing a book is to take your personal brand to a next level or grow your business, technology can support you in a big way. Besides helping you create a marketing plan, GWA also helps you develop a high-quality or mobile app.

Our Service: To all authors who create books under our guidance, we provide a landing page but you can go beyond to take your brand beyond. Develop a landing page, a website or mobile app for your personal branding needs.

About the Partner: EnlitenIT is a Mumbai-based Design & IT consulting organization that has a team of highly-qualified developers with specialized skills in User Experience Design to give your website a desired look and rich functionalities that can convert visitors into paying customers.

Discovery Partner; Leadership Coach, PhD in Learning & development

An author needs creativity, not just in language but in thoughts for only then one can help readers find practical solutions to their long-standing problems. However, when it comes to writing a long-length content like a book, you might have doubts. Our coach takes you through a special ‘Unblock your Creativity’ session to release these doubts so you can continue on the path to becoming an author relentlessly.

Our Service: In our ‘Unblock your Potential’ session, you are taken through a process of discovery in which you identify both opportunities and challenges that authorship will bring in your life so you can be better prepared to deal with them and be involved in your brand creation to get to where you want to do. With this coaching you can expand your skillsets as a subject matter expert and develop an understanding of authorship which is required for you to become a bestselling author.

About the Partner: Namita is an ICF-Certified Coach with a Ph.D. in Training & Development and comes with a decade of experience in T&D, social leadership, business expansion, and coaching. She has worked with organizations and individuals from BFSI, Ed-Tech, and Education to provide them assistance and coaching. She has given 500+ hours of coaching to entrepreneurs, working professionals, and next-gen leaders to maximize their potential for exploring opportunities and finding growth.

GWA Editing Partner; Book Editor, Trainer, Visiting Faculty

It is true that there are editing tools available but with limited logic programmed into them, can it do justice to English language that sometimes defy logic for the sake of style? You need an editor who can ensure perfection in language and preserve the meaning.

Our Service: Every first book created by our Authors get copyediting from us at no extra cost to training & guidance. This includes language & grammar check, technical accuracy, style consistency, logical flow, formatting, and content enhancement.

About the Partner: Melville Fernando is a bibliophile with a wealth of experience in writing & editing. He has assisted Authors in producing world class books has decades of experience in training English learners. He is also a visiting faculty and External Expert at the Tamilnadu Dr. J Jayalalithaa Fisheries University Academy, Madhavaram, and also does online training for a corporate group as a freelancer.

Global Business Partner; Business Development Expert, Senior Director, Mentor

While we offer your products and services to ensure you can learn, develop and grow, it is also imperative for us to keep improving so we can provide you the best of our services always. This is why we have a partner who helps as an advisor on strategic consulting and business development to help us take our brand and our books global.

Our Service: you can understand your global business and get strategy advice on taking your books or business to a global level.

About the Partner: Himanshu is a highly-skilled and a veteran sales professional with rich experience of working with Industry 4.0 Technologies. He has been one of the fastest growing professionals in his field and has been a transformational leader who has guided teams into achieving the impossible deals.

GWA Design Partner; Cartoonist, Writer, Lawyer

Our brain is wired to process images much faster than text. How fast? 60,000 times fast! We can process an image in 13 milliseconds. But same is not true with text. This is why we recommend our authors to never ignore the visual appeal and include graphics and illustrations to make life easy for readers.

Our Service: Get creative content for your book including illustrations & cartoons. From ideation to sketches and designing to presentation, our creator will give you unique designs customized to the needs of your learners and your personal brand.

About the Partner: Sonia is a freelance designer, artist and writer from India. She has a Masters in Law and she love spending time with art. She draws cartoons, illustrations, and designs graphics for creative execution for brands. She helps organizations in designing brochures, magazines, logos, cartoons, and digital art. She has experience of working with prefered tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

Connect with her on Instagram @little.art.room_sonia; Email: littleartroom.sonia@gmail.com

Discovery Partner; Psychotherapist, Business Coach, Actor, Screenplay Writer, Director

An author needs creativity, not just in language but in thoughts for only then one can help readers find practical solutions to their long-standing problems. However, when it comes to writing a long-length content like a book, you might have doubts. Our coach takes you through a special ‘Unblock your Creativity’ session to release these doubts so you can continue on the path to becoming an author relentlessly.

Our Service: In our ‘Unblock your Creativity’ session, you are taken through a process of discovery in which you identify what is hindering your creativity and not letting your ideas flow free to create a unique book. The session allows you to discover what is stopping you from ideating, planning, or writing a book. Layer by layer, your internal blocks will be uncovered and released using psychotherapy so you can come up with a fresh mind that is ready to take the creative path of an author.

About the Partner: Nazarr K Khan is a psychotherapist and Business Coach who specializes in elevating pain coming in a way to achieve one’s Goals. He has 10 years of experience as a coach and a counsellor, and has helped many with his psychotherapy and Business Coaching.

As an Actor, writer and theatre person, he understands human emotions and feelings well. He is a certified practitioner of REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), CBT(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), TA(Transactional Analysis), and NLP(Neuro Linguistic program). He has also studied Ontology, Self-expression and has been an active learner of leadership in communication.