Become an Author

Find success with your
first self-help book using
our Author Success Blueprint


Our discovery sessions will help you discover the author within you, design a book concept to fit your professional goals, unblock the creativity in you, align yourself for success, and understand your readers.

Our Author Success Blueprint provides you a step-by-step guide to creating your book and is supported by instructions and resources to learn, practice, write, and create your first book.


Our Author Success Blueprint is supported by a soon-to-belaunched eLearning system that will guide you at every step of creation to ensure you pour the best bits of you in your book to ensure its success.

Before introducing our one-of-a-kind LMS to the world, we are giving the blueprint to selected authors who get the first-hand experience
of book writing with a guided mentor and special perks.


When you create a masterpiece, publishing is not a challenge. We help you choose from publishing options for the launch of your
book. From traditional publishing to self-publishing, we are there to guide you.

With publishing comes the responsibility to market your book. We help you develop a strategy, extract marketing bits from your book,
and create templates to support your book launch.


Why Should You Trust Us

Because Our Blueprint Is Based On 10 Years Research On Bestselling Self-help Books And 13 Years Of Writing Experience Of Our Founder Who Was Set Out To Find The Answers To Following Questions

  • What makes a self-help book valuable to a reader?
  • What kind of self-help book can truly make a difference in a reader’s life?
  • How do authors create a personal brand with books?
  • What are the components essential to the success of a self-help book?
  • How can one use one’s knowledge and experience to write a book that gets success?

These and many more such questions have been explored and answered in this research. What we bring you is a concentrated formula created using the insights obtained from this research.

Why Are We Different

Because The Idea Is Not Based Single Book Or Single Person Experience But Combines The Lessons From Over Many Bestselling Authors, Writers, And Storytellers.

To ensure that the system can help first time authors, it has been designed by drawing principles from psychology, learning science, design thinking, and management.

The idea has already been tested on a dozen authors who have successfully written their books and published them on portals like Amazon.

The formula is aligned with professional goals of an author and thus, ensures that the book is the best fit for one’s strengths

This is the only book writing program that is fully guided or assisted with handholding and support from the start to success.

We do not help authors write a book but create an asset with ideation, modelling, writing, designing, planning, and more.

Publishing is assured and so is the quality so once your book is in your reader’s hand, it would be hard to not admire.


In Whatever Stage Of Book Writing You Are In, We Are Here To Guide And Assist You In Your Journey And
Will Not Leave Your Hand Until You Succeed And Find Your Face On A Book Cover.


Different Authors! Different Pathways

Different Authors May Have Different Reasons For Writing A Book. Not Just Their Purpose Is Different But Also Their Experience, Expertise, Personality, Strengths, And Style. We Know That So We Have Designed Different Pathways For Different Authors. Let S Find Our Which Pathway Fits You.

If you are a domain expert or hold excellence on one area of your work, this path will help you turn your knowledge, skills, experience and insights into a concrete book that will help learners in your industry.

Your book will serve as an asset that will create an influencer personal brand for you in the industry and will attract knowledge seekers and learners towards you. You will be a guide and a mentor for the industry.

How To Select A Pathway?

A look into your current profession will make it easier for you to decide the right path but within each pathway also, there could be variations in how you should go about it. You might have questions like

  • Should I write the book?
  • Should I create a book that is guided by my profession or do something that appeals me personally?
  • Should I learn writing or just give the work to a writer if I am new?

We can help find answers to these and many other questions so you know if authorship is the right path for you and if it is then what is the right way to go about it. Join us in our first discovery session that will clear the cloud that is keeping you from seeing

How Will Your Journey Look?

While Each Author Will Have A Different Path And Different Experience With Us, We Have Crafted A Standard Path
That Identifies All Essential Elements That Can Be Provided To You As We Work With You Based On Your Learning Needs And Preferences.

What Do We Offer?

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Discovery & Assessments
to discover yourself, find your book, unblock creativity, identify strengths, create alignment, and more
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to discover yourself, find your book, unblock creativity, identify strengths, create alignment, and more
to master storytelling, ideation, writing, and editing to create a powerful book all by yourself to achieve true success.
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Tools & Resources
to learn and create your book as an asset packed with not just words but insights, models, stories, case studies, and more.
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Guidance & Assistance
to ideate, research, write, design, edit, create, and publish your book through our partners throughout your author journey.
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Strategies & Plans
for book writing, launch marketing, brand building and goal achievement so you can get where you want to go with book as a powerful asset.
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Networking & Brainstorming Networking & Brainstorming
with fellow authors through our group sessions will allow you to discuss ideas and find your accountability & learning partners for success.