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Saurabh Choudhary

Saurabh Choudhary is a GRE/GMAT Trainer and a Productivity Consultant. He helps clients find Purpose and Happiness thereby helping them express their Being. When they do that they Succeed!!

He had brief stints with clients like Facebook, Intel, GOI and have worked with brands like Accenture, Tata Trusts, and Housing.com


Meet him in Mega Learning Drive 2021

  • Session on 29th Aug’21
  • Topic: Creating Resonance at Work: The Geeta Way!
Meet Saurabh Choudhary

It’s a general perception that we have to struggle a lot, work harder and harder every day to succeed. Yes, it was true. But no more. With every passing decade, technology is evolving rapidly and changing the way we live life. But in-spite of the numerous ways in which technology has made life easy it has at the same time made living more difficult. With the population exploding and the resources remaining intact or depleting the stress levels have never been so high in the history of mankind. This very phenomenon has changed the way Hard-work works. In fact, Hard-work no longer works. Tell me 1 thing…. how hard can you work??? 24*7…. can you work harder than that….?? If No, then we must accept the fact that we have reached a point of saturation. From here we can only move downhill. Else the stress will drive us mad and even make us nuts.
So what’s the way out??? Join him on 29th Aug’21 to discuss this in brief.


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With Zillionite, I got a clear vision on how to expand my Yoga studio. Earlier, I was clueless as an entrepreneur on how to build a team and other bir sects. Shweta Ma'am charted a customized road map considering all the aspects. I never thought about Vision but she had tremendous ideas about how an entrepreneur can set high vision and conquer it. The content they had was truly connectable. I feel it was the best thing I did by attending Visionary Leadership workshop.

Ketki Chavan
Arch Yoga Studio

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Shweta Ma'am helped me tackle the challenges I was facing in my Export Business. She made my approach towards business and life. Importantly, she made me realize the WHY of doing business and significance of Purpose, Vision and Values. She made these concepts immensely which has led me to take better decisions in business. I am thankful to be part of Zillionite.

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