Great Investment Of Time
-Book Writing Coaching

I have attended a number of workshops conducted by GWA! Every workshop gave me much more value for time and money I invested than I expected! While initially, I struggled to write blogs that I always wanted to write, after my interaction with the coach, I could write one article within 2 hours. Now, I have started my journey as a Blogger and an Author.

Col Aditya Singhal
Co-Host HNP India (Freelance)

Easy To Understand & Very Specific
-Content Writing

I got a great learning experience while attending a course on content writing. It was easy to understand and the coach was good at understanding specific problems of students. Moreover, the classes are scheduled at our convenience and we got on-time reminders before the classes. It was a really amazing experience being a part of the GWA Writers & Creators Club.

Kiran Patel
Regional Manager at JYY Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.| Yoga Instructor

From Idea To Creation
-Book Writing Coaching

The course took me from having no idea of what book I wanted to write to not just producing a book concept but even the index with the chapter names, the title and the introduction in just 2 days. The coach knows how to connect what readers want and what you want to write about. If you want to write a great book that really helps readers, go for this course.

Gunjan Bagaria
Book Columnist, reviewer & Blogger

Unique And Likable Content
-Social Media Content

I associated with GWA for creating content on my Facebook page. While we worked together GWA came with well-researched unique content that was appreciated by my subscribers.

Avinash Bhakre
Content Head, Navi Mumbai 4 Better Life Foundation

Uncomplicate Things
-Book Writing

Research is the biggest strength and the team is pretty amazing at organizing long pieces of writing such as books and eGuides into well-thought themes that are also well connected. Despite the in-depth research on every topic, what amazes me is the simplicity with which even the most complicated ideas are presented.

Chanchal Kumari
IT Specialist, NIC

Knowledge Is Strength
-Personal Branding Coaching

GWA trainers have knowledge as their strength. They deliver deep insights on every topic that is covered and ar e packed with practical learning activities.

Asif Abrahim
Training Facilitator, International Trainers Conclave

Diligent & On Time
-Content Development Client

The team has been diligent and on time with all our content requirements. They were able to pick up technical subjects quickly and deliver content without needing timely supervision. Also, we hardly needed any edits on the content that was delivered as it always met the requirements even when there was a change in the gadget discussed.

Ankur Agarwal
Founder, Pricebaba

Capability To Handle Any Level Of

-Long-Form Content Writing

They are committed to quality and delivery. W always look forward to them when we have a difficult subject at hand because GWA is an organization that can handle any level of complexity in a content project. Cooperation and dedication make the work easier and it brings smiles to our clients.

Saptarshi Bhaumik
HR Officer, Globe IT Solutions

Vivid & Engaging Content
-Content Writing

GWA's content is always well researched and unique which is rare to find. With a conversational tone and interesting examples, the blogs and articles the team delivers are quite vivid and engaging for readers of all kinds.

Kushagree Katre
Content Writer at Bobble AI

Give Life To Words
-Book Editing

I took their book editing services for my book and I must say that they know how to give life to words and structure to a book. You can always see the difference after a book goes through her vigilant eyes.

Aadil Rashid
Area Sales Manager, Avkul Marketing Pvt. Ltd

In The Right Direction
-Book Writing Coaching

I had a very nice one-on-one interaction with GWA coach who gave me tips on writing a book and converting prose into fiction. The coach has very good knowledge of different styles of book writing & activities involved in the same. She readily shared the same during my interaction. Overall, it was nice experience and I must say that she is a really good guide.

Anil Dhawan
Automation Engineer with 35 plus years experience

Make Dull Facts Interesting
-Website Content

Just tell them who your readers are and they will come up with an exhaustive list of unique articles. Their brilliance lie in research and the capability to make even dull facts interesting.

Dr. Purushothaman Kollam
Visionary and Director, Centre for Human Perfection

Extremely Knowledgeable Coach who Knows
How To Produce A Book Fast

-Book Writing Coaching

In the two-day workshop on Self-Help book writing that I attended, I had a very good learning experience. The program had lot of activities and techniques that could help us complete the book. I was impressed by the knowledge of the coach who explained us how a reader thinks. If you follow their method, you can produce a productive book real fast.

Strategy Guru Sasikanth Prabhu
1st Degree Connection1st Founder & CEO, Marg Atreya Consulting

Exhaustive In Research
-Content Strategy & Planning

GWA team of writers is really good with research skills. They are very exhaustive when exploring a subject before they come up with a strategy or a content plan for marketing. The minute observation of the team ensured that the content produced was well aligned with our business goals as defined in our business strategy document.

Jane Sha
Founder and Financial Strategist, ZONECFO

Help Clear Mental Blocks
-Personal Branding Coaching

Pooja Dubey, the Founder of GWA is a young guru, a strong researcher, an explorer, and a data analyst who has a very strong online presence. I see her as an apex level psychological guru who can be a great guide for the society. She is truly interested in the growth of her mentees. She helped me understand my psychological and mental blocks and shown me a way out of them.

Brijendra Kumar Dhup
Selected as Director-HR,NJMC, Consultant -HRM, AECPL, Assessor- KPMG(on contract), Director-CPLD, VP-SVO&G, L&D Expert

Easy Explanations
-Personal Branding Coaching

Writer Pooja Dubey, who is the key coach at GWA is a super success story in itself. She has come a long way from nothing to many things in a reasonably short time without any shortcuts. She comes across with full set of ALPHABETS and l eave nothing unturned to demonstrate her being extremely Astute, Balanced, and Creative.

Rajesh Jaamwal
Career Catelyst, Career Coach, Training & Placement Head at MBA College

High Engagement
-Mega Learning Drive

I have been a part of GWA both as a learner and a speaker. It felt really great to be associated with GWA in their mega learning drive. They conduct fabulous sessions & are always engaging participants with the knowledge and activities they design for participating.

Ashiwini Kumar Tripathi
Capacity Building Trainer

They Know The Pulse Of The Market
-Content Development

GWA understands the pulse of the market well. The team has the experience of working on many management subjects. They write in easy to understand language and use simple words, yet create powerful messages.

Nidhi Gupta
Associate Creative Director, NDTV RedDot

Full Of Ideas & Capacity To Tie Lose Ends
-Content Development

A well-researched content approach is what I remember of GWA. I have worked with them on a magazine project and found that they have a knack of tightening all the loose ends. The team is full of ideas and also understand the nerve of readers.

Deb Rishi
Advertising and Marketing Communication Strategist, Bow and Arrow Learning

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